Files total approx one half GB, but Disk usage shows 2 GB

I upload old time radio files every day and suddenly yesterday, it showed that my disk usage was full at 2 GB. I deleted one file I added up the totals of my files (not including some very small files in kb) and they only total 532.6 MB or less than 1 GB. It still shows my files are 2 GB and I can't upload any more files. I have never been close to full disk capacity and I delete and upload files on a daily basis. Can someone fix this for me?
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Hi PenfoldOldTime Radio,

You just needed to perform a manual library update in the control panel to refresh the files. I've just done this for you and your storage is down to 0.56 GB.

For future reference, you can perform the library update under the 'Media' section of Centova using the 'Options' menu.