"Floydian Slip" — Syndicated Pink Floyd show for classic rock stations, AAAs


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"Floydian Slip" is a one-hour, weekly radio journey through the history of the rock band Pink Floyd.

Host Craig Bailey works classic Floyd songs, deep album cuts and Floyd’s unique brand of ambient segues into a seamless blend of music and sound best described as a listening experience.

Accented with succinct and thoughtful commentary, “Floydian Slip” is programming that becomes a weekly destination for classic rock fans.

"Floydian Slip" is available to stations cash-free through a 100% barter arrangement. Each show contains six minutes of local availabilities, and up to six minutes of network commercial inventory.

Stations can listen to a demo and sign up to carry "Floydian Slip" using our easy online form: http://www.floydianslip.com/radio-show/become-an-affiliate.php