Funfair rentals looking to advertise on the radio.


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My business is looking to advertise on the radio but I do have some requirements that need to be met.

  1. The radio station can only be in the UK
  2. The radio station is new and has no or less than 1000 ads on it
  3. The radio station needs to be active 24/7
  4. The radio station is local or in the North Yorkshire area
  5. The radio station has people who are business owners who tune into the radio
If you can meet one or all of the requirements then, please contact me:

+44 08451630108

Please note my business number will charge you at 7p per min plus your access charge

For the ad, I need to place an ad to let people know that I am looking to hire staff.

  1. How long the ad would be would vary on the price for the radio ad.
  2. It needs to target business owners

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