Gemini Sounds Radio Looking for new Djs Presenters


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Hello Gemini Sounds Radio have recently gone through a revamp and we are now looking for Djs/Presenters to join our ever popular Radio Station. We are now proud to say that we actually own our own Server Company and also Website and Web hosting Facilities. All Software is provided by us along with training and advice on how to put together and present a first class show, we are also open to new ideas and welcome advice from new people that join us. Gemini Sounds Radio are also proud to have sponsors on board such as Triton Telecommunications, Coca Cola Uk, and also inSpeak Chat where we have been their official Radio Station for around 5 years, we also have a virtual studio room there were Presenters Admins and Listeners can interact on a more personal basis. Please do visit our website and become a member totally free, then look for the application form fill it in and a member of the management team will contact you to arrange a chat and interview. Thank you for reading this we look forward to getting you on air presenting your very own show.

Regards Dave Collins
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