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Question: I am running two separate 'General Rotation' Playlists - 1 from 5am to 9p and another from 9pm to 3a (3-5am is a 'Scheduled' sequential playlist).

The 5a to 9p is a 'Sequential' General Rotation playlist whereas the the 9p to 3a playlist is a random shuffled list.
The 9p to 3a playlist gets the occasional tune from the 5am to 9p list, despite the active times being set.

I'd rather the 9p to 3a playlist be a random mix of the tunes in that list and not have the 5a to 9p songs mixed in. Is it possible?

It doesn't matter how I 'weight' them - I still get the unwanted mix.

Light Bulb goes off! Set the 9p to 3a playlist to 'Scheduled' instead of General Rotation'? But then the 'Station Identification' Interval Ids wouldn't play would they?

Thank You!

Chris Jones

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Hi Chris,

Yes a file from your interval playlist will be played (as per your settings) regardless of what type any other active playlist is.