GUEST showcase DJ set for your radio

DeeJay Froggy

New Member
Greetings to everyone.
I'm currently looking for radio stations in order to broadcast a 60 minutes' showcase GUEST DJ set from my own duo project: "DeeJay Froggy & DJ Raffy".
The mix is 100% made of our own productions (released and unreleased) + 3 remixes, and the genre is DANCE music. We mainly focus ourselves among Italo style, German Hands Up and Hard Dance... our productions are both hi-energy and happy, with an eye blinked to the raw techno styles from Northern Europe.
If you would hear a taste of what we propose as a guest set, you can click "Official website" on my signature, and you'll see our label's website with our productions.
Please get in touch if you're interested:

Of course we would both record a voiceover with your station's name and spread links of your radio station with our social accounts.
Thank you for your attention.