Having major sound issues - need help!

I have been an internet radio DJ now for over 8 years. I broadcast from home using a Behringer Xenex 1202FX mixer. The way it is set up is that the audio comes from my Sound Blaster SB1095 USB soundcard, and goes into the main input on the mixer, and the sound comes out the main out and goes through a EQ and effects processor (Alesis Picoverb) and then into the stereo line in on the soundcard. The problem that I am having is that the broadcast and recordings are coming out tinny and feeding back easily. The mixer that I am using is quite old now. Is it time that I get a new one or am I doing something else wrong? Any help would be appreciated because until I get this under control, I am not doing my radio show.
As far as I know, the mixer is grounded (has 3rd plug). I am running the stream at 128bit. But even when I am not broadcasting and just recording onto Audacity, the levels are very low and the sound is very tinny. When I try to turn up the levels, the tinny sound increases and eventually starts feeding back big time as if there is some kind of loop going on. As far as I know, there shouldn't be any looping going on because the audio feed that is going into the line in is not being monitored back out of the sound card.


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Yes that does sound like there is a feedback loop happening somewhere in your signal path, but we cannot say for sure really without having a look at the set up in person which obviously we cannot do. We would try taking out your audio processing units and maybe even using another separate laptop/pc/soundcard to see if you can work out exactly where in the signal path this happening. You only need another basic laptop/pc/soundcard to handle the encoding/recording/streaming side of things.

We hope that you manage to figure this out.