Hello! From The English 909 - Freedom Radio


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Hello, there!

Just thought we would introduce ourselves, we're Freedom Radio a unique project & radio station owned by our listeners, we based far underground in a bunker! We're a Radio Station thats designed to keep you positive and upbeat during the day (UK Time) and extremely chilled at night.

We're here to fight for Freedom, we are not anti-vaxx but we fight for freedom of choice and human rights. We don't really have DJ's as such, but I hope you'll take a listen to see how we're a little different. The music we play is extremely varied from disco classics, to dance anthems, trance to cheese! Regular weather updates, community info, wind up calls and so much more.

We're available to listen here: www.english909.com or download our free app in the Google PlayStore. You can also activate us on Amazon Alexa Devices.

Hope you enjoy the station.