Help on going LIVE


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We've been running Auto DJ successfully for the last couple of weeks but not want to test going live so when we actually have to from a game we'll be able to just connect up easily.

Can you tell me how we go about it please? We're planning on using an external mixer into a laptop and running the voices through the soundcard with jingles played by winamp.

I followed your shoutcast guide but couldn't seem to get it to work. Although I managed to download the shoutcast source stuff but couldn't seem to work out what info to put where!!

Initially I'm just trying to connect winamp to the server to see if I can go live with the music, I'll worry about the voices later it's the connection I need to get right.

I'm using an Icecast server if that makes any difference.

Many thanks


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What i would do is

Main out from PC to mixer.

Mic into mixer

Then main out on mixer to line in on PC.

Then in the DSP make sure that its recording from line in.


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Thanks Fring. My problem at the moment is actually getting my laptop to connect to the server so I can actually broadcast something.

It doesn't seem to want to connect whatever I put in, the IP address or url and port number.

I've got a feeling I'm putting something in the wrong place or not including something I should be!


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I did wonder about that. Is there anyway I can change from an Icecast server to a Shoutcast server? I think I may have made the wrong decision when I chose Icecast.


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Thanks for helping out fring.

Storm: You may want to use the Edcast encoder instead which supports icecast servers and works in much the same way as the shoutcast dsp encoder / winamp.

Theres an edcast guide here :

Alternativly if you prefer to have a shoutcast server register a new account then rop us an email once you have done this. We will transfer the remaining credit from the old one.


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Thank you for the help, I downloaded Edcast and got it working thanks to your guide 8)

I've gone for the option of having an outboard mixer and just using the laptop as the bit of kit to send it up to the server.

The only problem we encountered was listeners dropping off when we switched from Auto DJ. I tried removing the joint stereo as the other thread said but it still seemed to drop out.

Anyway, at least we got it up and running live which was the main thing today :D

Thanks for all your help.


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Glad you got Edcast working Storm. Edcast is an excellent free encoder.

Regarding the drop out of listeners when switching from Auto DJ :

Firstly make sure you use the 'Deactivate Source' option to turn off your auto DJ (rather than restarting the server or changing the configuration to disabled).

Secondly ensure your in your control panel configuration / advnaced area you have Disconnect listeners if source disconnects: No set.

Lastly ensure that you are streaming at exactly the same bitrate / samplerate / channels as your auto dj.

This should enable listeners to hand on between switching.