Help With My Broadcasting Setup


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Hi there,
I currently host the Friday evening show on 382 Radio. I am relatively new to the world of internet radio and whilst my setup works, I know it could be streamlined a lot and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what to do. I currently use Mixxx software to broadcast (as do the rest of the presenters on the station), the audio from myself and my co-host come into the software via VoiceMeeter and we are on call through Skype. For the hardware I use a Moukey MSc1 audio interface with a Tonor XLR Condenser mic. I currently have the following issues: when playing music I am unable to speak to my co-host as when muting myself and him on VoiceMeeter so the audience don't hear us, I am unable to hear him (there is a mute button in Mixxx but it doesn't work in my setup; I don't know whether this could be an easy fix). This is my primary issue as I would like to get live guests on at some point instead of prerecording them and I don't want these issues. My second problem (I use problem very lightly here, possibly more query), is there anyway I could map my virtual mixer to a physical mixer or even have a physical mixer that would take the input of my mic, my co-host through Skype (or equivalent online call software) and the music so I wouldn't have to use a virtual mixer. I got a recommendation for the Behringer MX400 and wondered if there was something like this that I would be able to use (I'm not the most keyed up on hardware so please don't be annoyed at me if this is completely out of the question).
Thanks for your help,