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Hi i am concidering starting an internet radio, but was only wanting to start by broadcasting at certain times like wkends and some evenings. is that the done the thing. having your radio come on at certains of the day and not broadcasting 24/7. how many listeners do most internet rs get in average. how do i get my station on itunes, shoutcast and other listings for peole to find.

Another idea i had was getting a program slot on another station is this possible. I am interest in Christian music thanks for your help


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Thanks for your questions. The amount of listeners you will get is very hard to predict and depends on whether your station matches what people are looking for in the directories you are listed on. Many of our clients only broadcast certain times of the week and not 24/7.

Getting your station listed on iTunes requires you to contact apple and there are some strict rules to being listed. One of them being your radio must be online 24/7.

By signing up for a shoutcast server you are automatically listed on which is a good start to getting more listeners.

We do have guides on promotion / directories in our forum which you can submit your radio to.

Let us know if you have any further questions.