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Is There any way to get a code with cd albulm covers, for the code for last 5 songs played.. The majority of the time when i put in the code in for Recent Tracks i gets a white box with a x in and looks like crap. Can i get the code without the albulm covers.

Thanks Shawn


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Hi Shawn

This is planned for a future upgrade of the control panel. When our new version is released it should have this functionality. We will send you an email when it is available :nerd:


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Upgrade Of The Control Panel

hey guys how are you when its time to upgrade of the control panel add alot of HTML
and add i tunes to the Quick Links
and it would be good that the that the Artist and Title is like this

Now Playing

Album Cover : To Turn Off Or On
Bit Rate:
Server Status:
Source Connected:
Current Listeners: To Turn Off Or On
Maximum Listeners To Turn Off Or On

and to the Playlist Manager
so you can add more then one media library Folder
like the playlists

well i have alot more in my head this is good for now
thank you