I can't see my station & can't start up my server.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Noorman, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Noorman

    Noorman New Member

    Hello to you all !
    I am having a few issues and I am afraid I need some help here.
    I will include a few screenshots to illustrate my problem.

    I managed to configure the Shoutcast source DSP

    • The server monitor says : “touched” – my stream is up & running

    • When I search for my station on your site, it is not there

    • When I try to start up my server it says : stream could not be started ???
    What am I doing wrong ?
    When I run my station on http://www.shoutcast.com everything goes smoothly (Port 8000)

    Please help.

    Thanks & best regards,





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  2. Noorman

    Noorman New Member

    Hi there !

    I managed to start my server anyhow...
    I disabled to auto-dj feature & the server started after a renewing of my page.
    I also added my radio-station (with the internet-radio details) to your listings.
    Hope everything is fine now - wait & see...

  3. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    Hi Noorman,

    We are ever ever so sorry for the delay in our reply. We have been very busy the last few days and we would never normally take this long to respond.

    We have now fixed this issue. The server you are hosted on (UK6) was only set up the other day and it appears as though we had missed a program on the new install in error. We just needed to install the 32 bit libraries.

    We really apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.
  4. Noorman

    Noorman New Member

  5. Noorman

    Noorman New Member

    Thanks for this information. Please also see my reaction above.
    My server is running now, but there is no "active source connection" it says....
    Winamp is running on my Shoutcast DSP and there is a signal showing the music played...
    Do I miss a setting somewhere ???
  6. Noorman

    Noorman New Member

    Dear all,
    I am not planning on using the AutoDj feature :
    To perform a live broadcast, I will need to install a special live source software application on my
    home computer. I read in the manual to contact you for a list of recommended live source applications that
    are compatible with my station. Is "OBS Studio" compatible ? Pls advise ....


  7. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    Hi Noorman,

    From looking at the "OBS Studio" website https://obsproject.com/ we cannot obviously see anything that indicates that the software is compatible with Shoutcast or Icecast servers? We have never used that software ourselves, so we are not sure to be honest?

    In your 'Shoutcast DSP' screenshots we can see that you are using the 'Server Address' of "localhost". This should be uk6.internet-radio.com

    Then your Port number of 8006 and the "Source" password for your account. Make sure that you leave the "DJ / User ID" setting blank as nothing is required to be entered there.

    We just tested this for you with Shoutcast DSP and connected fine with those settings.

  8. Noorman

    Noorman New Member

    O.k. !!!
    How st*p*d of me ;)..... e-2440 is up and running now.

    Many thanks for helping me out !

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  9. Support

    Support Level 1 Support Staff Member

    No worries :) Glad you are up and running now!

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