Iconic Extra Looking for Monday Wednesday Friday AFTERNOON DJ


We are looking for afternoon DJs for the above days from 12 noon to 6pm 2- 3 hour slots 12-3 or 3-6pm U.K time please have a look at our website www.iconicextra.com as this will show you all about our station with a ul text number 82228 starting messages with the word extra, request tab,events, discord chat, 11 DJs not including the 2 owners which also DO shows and a Tech guy .if your interested in these slots and play anything from the 70s to the charts from any genre of music then ither send us a email at contact@iconicextra.com or go to the website www.iconicextra.com and use the tab that says become a DJ and we look forward to welcoming you on board a every rapidly growing station. you will need to be over 16 and do a 20 min trial or send us a demo and pay a dj airtime fee of £5 per month to go towards running costs merchandise and text number etc .thanks all and we look forward to you being part of the team .regards DJ Popster (station owner)