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Hello guys!
We are proud to Announce our Internet Station - Iconic Extra

Who Are you guys?

Iconic is an online community radio station aimed to bring the best music that isn't even on the radio anymore. Great time tunnel to tunes you love!

Since we launched back in late 2017/2018, our direction is to bring a big variety of entertainment that people can enjoy whilst going about their day.
Its been tough so far. We struggle from time to time. We still get seen though with plenty of advertising and shows!

We have been running for a year and a half and we really hope to continue running for longer with your/community help to keep us on the air!


What does Iconic bring?

We are on the lookout for fresh new talent to come to our aid and present themselves on air. and show us what they have!
If you're not interested in working with us. Totally understandable. As long as you take looks at our site and spread the word.
Our website is of course public, We also have a fully compatible discord server. Enter to recieve good roles and interact with our listeners/staff

You can also take a listen to the radio itself - Some of the music you will hear. You may have not heard in yonks! We have some great DJ's Willing to entertain you!


How to be a Radio DJ at Iconic Extra?

Well its Simple. All you gotta do is send an email to iconicextra1@gmail.com Or go to our website and click the tab "Become A DJ" Fill out the form there and then one of our management team will contact you as soon as possible. This process can take up to 24/48 hours, If you get stuck. Join our discord and ask for help. There will always be someone active to help you out. We are quite experienced in tech support and etc.


That's all folks.
We hope you come along to our station and speak to us soon!. If you have any more questions let us know via the email attached or find us on the discord as explained. :D
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Do you have a buzz for a style of music like ,ska ,reggae, country, soul ,blues and even rock as we are looking for experienced radio djs that like this kind of music. here at iconic extra we want to give the listeners extra by playing all the styles of music from the 70s up to the 00s that most stations dont play anymore. we are also part of the iconic network and are also looking for djs to play edm chart huse etc for our other station iconic radio. so if you fit the bill and play any of the above and want to come and have a look then email us at iconicextra1@gmail.com or check out our website iconicextra.com or iconicradio.uk and fill out the become a dj application form and we will get back to you. all the best and happy new year dj popster iconic extra
How about jazz, folk or world music?? I do all of those!


We are still looking for fresh new talent. get in touch with us as soon as possible. Head over to our site at http://iconicextra.com and sign up!. Want a chance/shot of being on air. then this may just be the place for you!


Stuart Bishop

Personal Profile-Musician/Radio presenter.

I am a reliable and hard-working musician/composer/DJ
I am also known under the artist name,DJ Venom

Skills Profile
Can record and produce multiple genres of music
Keyboard playing is intermediate, but, I am working to improve my skill,
I can produce such material as Synthwave, Classical, Film score and more,
Although the Synthesizers are my primary instruments, I do try to maintain as
Much authenticity as possible.Great with live DJ’ing and broadcasting.

Employment History
Left WBRFM to join Curve radio until 2019 where i left to start up
My own radio station which I am currently with called Crash FM (crashfm.airtime.pro).
Left Showcase Radio to join WBRFM (Wigan Borough Radio) 2018
Joined Showcase Radio. 2017

Live music in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK at The Coldstream Venue, Rubery,Birmingham UK 2017

Role of Tom Dobson for the stage show (Local news for local people)
By David Gorton and MCS Theatre Company. 2014

March Madness
I performed live music for a festival organized by the MCS theatre company 2014

Took the role of Crunchbones the Ogre for the pantomime-Puss in boots
With the Midlands Co-operative theatre company. 2014

Live Music show for charity.
Performance of live music for the British Heart Foundation. 2012

Live Showcase at Ashley Pub, Blackheath, Birmingham 2012

Role of the singer Ozzy Osborne for karaoke charity event.
I dressed up as the singer in aid of Operation Braveheart charity 2014