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    Who Are We?
    Iconic FM Radio

    What do you guys Offer?
    *Efficient Chat-Room 100% Mobile supported
    *Discord Server
    *A 100% Working Webplayer Also Mobile Supported
    *Available on Tunein/Streaming Directory's
    *A very good Team for now. But if you join us. We will help you no problem!
    *Iphone and Android Apps (Now Supported)
    *A Very Well Designed Website, And So much More

    How Do I Listen?
    Listen on TuneIn: https://tunein.com/radio/Iconic-FM-s242497/
    Listen on our website: http://ifmradio.co.uk/player
    Listen here on Internet Radio - Search "Iconic FM"

    Are you Licensed?

    We Are Indeed. Currently with PPL

    For More Information head to our website at http://ifmradio.co.uk

    To get in touch with our station Email


    Our Webplayer


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    Updates *

    *New Schedule Layout
    *Android App (Iphone will be supported soon)
    *Homepage updated
    *Tune-In Links at top
    *Contact Page Update

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