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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Iconic FM, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Iconic FM

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    Who are we?
    Iconic FM | Internet Radio Station. More Music, Less Talking! Available on the Web. Normally we may be based in the UK

    Why are we asking?
    Well we give you the opportunity to DJ to our general listeners. to chat with these people now and again and to have a good time on air. If you have always wanted to DJ for more people than just your friends or even yourself, then we are the right radio station for you.

    Are you Guys Licensed?
    Yes We are. Webcast licensed with PPL UK.

    What do I Need to join you guys?

    » You must be willing to play a large variety of music.
    » You must have a clear and working microphone.
    » You must have a Skype account.
    » You Must have Good broadcasting Software (VDJ,SamBC,Winamp,edcast,Nicecast,etc)

    How do I Contact?
    Email at studio@ifmradio.co.uk or go to the application form http://ifmradio.co.uk/apply Other details can be found on the website at http://ifmradio.co.uk and get to know a bit more about it and what we can do

    We at Iconic FM hope to hear you on our growing station!

  2. Bigmac3388

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    This is Chris from HEAT FM in the U.S. Was wondering if I could simulcast my Saturday morning show on your station. I actually run/own Heat FM but do shows as well.
  3. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member

    Hey Pk,

    I can definitely support 2 streams. I am on a 1 Gbit connection on fiber optic. : ) I do my show Saturday mornings at 10AM EST til 1 PM. If you like please email me directly at chris.cataldo@gmail.com with dropbox info to run some of your promos and stuff... Please also provide a link for the schedule on Iconic FM.


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  4. Iconic FM

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    Hi Chris. I have been looking at your post. And you say its every saturday morning? from 10am till 1pm in the afternoon?

    That must sound like a really good show then. Yes. We would love to boost the show as we are growing or trying to grow that is...

    Details can be found via the Website on the first post at http://ifmradio.co.uk. schedule is there also. I will be happy to contact via Email also


    Station Owner
  5. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member

    Excellent, please send me a dropbox invite where your promos and stuff are at so I can play them on my show. Just so you know I use my heat fm radio email for my show to communicate with the listeners. Please email me at chris.cataldo@gmail.com so we can talk about station stuff off the forum.


  6. Demo

    Demo Active Member

    I think simulcasting may be ok for smaller stations but wont really work for the bigger stations.
    I know good Dj's are hard to find but in reality, Would you really want your station to broadcast other stations jingles ??
    That could potentially harm a station and cause conflict of interest between all stations involved. (Would be like going to a BMW Dealer and them telling you to go and look at Ford)
    I know that our station would not agree to something like this. Not worth all the drama which will happen in time.
    Just my opinion and dont want to sound negative but if you think it will work for you then good luck.
  7. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member

    Playing other stations promos actually help both stations. Outside of me saying something like "We are now simulcasting on Iconic FM" how else would you get your listeners to know about the station??

    If your not cool with me simulcasting and playing the promos thatscool : ) I respect that...

  8. Iconic FM

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    Yeah hi again Chris. I have had a think over it. with careful reviews and points on simulcasting. But i don't think it is right for the station.
    I kinda agree with PK and Demo about it all. and i think i will try to find djs easier for the station. that way they are only broadcasting from the one encoder and not from another station. I appricate the offer though chris. but i don't think it will work out too well. just my opinions is all


  9. Bigmac3388

    Bigmac3388 Member

    Hey no problem at all.... heat fm has almost 800 followers. Was just trying to help out since you guys are just starting and I know how it felt when I first started heat... no biggie ...good luck with your station : )


  10. `Pk

    `Pk Member

    Update This guy Rambo will visit your site copy Ideas and try to steal Dj's beware....
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  11. Iconic FM

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    PK you worry about your own station and il worry about mine ok. so don't you dare say that. i really want my station to succeed. and i certainly! do not suck djs or ideas! you fucking cunt!


    - Rambo

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