If you missed this past Sunday's DJ Joe D Show (May 15, 2011)

DJ Joe D

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If you missed the DJ Joe D show this week (May 15, 2011), you can go to the following entry on the DJ Joe D blog " If you missed this past Sunday's DJ Joe D Show-May 15, 2011... "; you can listen to the full show via the media player at the blog entry or download the full show file.

The blog address is: http://djjoed.blogspot.com

Past DJ Joe D Shows (Downloads & Players) can be found on the DJ Joe D Blog; check the Archives.

Don't forget to tune in next week, Sunday May 22, 2011, for another DJ Joe D Show only on The Glow Radio @ 10AM Eastern

To hear it, go to:

and choose a media player to listen with

Visit the DJ Joe D Facebook Fan Page (Search: DJ Joe D) and click the "Like" Button to become an official fan of the DJ Joe D Show:rofl:;)8)
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