I'm looking to promote your station. New radio community starting!


For the past couple years I’ve been operating a project called "The Bat Player" (http://thebatplayer.fm). My goal was to build the best experience available for people, like myself, who love listening to internet radio.

While I consider The Bat Player to have been a success building something for the power users, it’s time to build something for everybody else.

In a world of algorithmic playlists and computer curation we have unique stations playing hand-picked tracks, awesome live sets, and really great shows. It’s time to highlight stations like these and the service they're providing. People want to discover music they’ve never heard, and you DJs want to share it. Win win.

To start I want to get a wide variety of hand-picked stations on the platform. Maybe one of these stations could be yours.

  • I'm looking to highlight unique stations. Not the "We play anything" or "Best of 90s and today". Do you have an underground Brazilian polka station or music that are by only people named "Frank"? I'd love to hear about it.
  • Do you want to be involved? I'm starting small and I want to get feedback from you. Are you willing to tell me what you like and don't like? Do you want to give suggestions? Do you want to tell your friends about a place to listen to your station? If you just want your station to be listed in another directory then this probably isn't a good fit.
  • Do you want to experiment with another avenue for collecting donations? Not only am I not charging anybody, but I want to help stations keep the lights on.
  • Is your metadata correct? Having bad track information from the station is a bummer.
  • Are you not completely full of ads? Ads are not bad, but too much is too much. Radionomy ads tend to take you out of the experience.

Here are some things I'd especially love to highlight. Please reach out if your station falls under one of these. (Even if you don't, but what you read so far resonates with you, email me!)
  • Broadway musicals
  • Non-American or not exclusively in English
  • Trip-hop
  • Live DJ sets that aren't standard electronic/dance music
  • You or your station have a crazy personality that the station uses. Are you "DJ The Plague" or your station goes by something cool, with a cool logo
  • Punk
  • Classical
  • Opera
  • Specific decade genres (90s Alternative, 90s Dance, 80s House, 70s Country, etc)
  • Bollywood
  • Metal
  • R&B

Feel free to email me at gabe@longtail.fm, and I'd love to chat about your station and if what I'm building can be useful to you!

Will this be a radio directory?
In a way, but I'm trying to think of it more as a community of stations and less of one of those sites that list 1000s of stations with no way to know where to start. That's why there are specific station types that I'd like to fill. There's no need to have handfuls of EDM stations all next to each other. But maybe it can grow in time to have more of each type.