Intermittent dropouts


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We are experiencing dropouts of our stream. They appear to be mainly happening between 12:00 and 13:00. I've restarted our router, run a BT Wholesale line check which is fine (40Mb Down, 7Mb up, 45ms ping) and tried watching a streamed video at the time the problems are occurring which is faultless so our Downstream must be OK. We also know that our playout is fine from monitoring. Tried re-starting Streaming PC which made no difference. Any suggestions? If line fault suspected what do I report to provider as I've already completed their standard checks. Thanks


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Hi ableradioice,

Thanks for letting us know and we're sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems. Our UK1 server is not currently having any issues

Have you tried also giving the server and full stop and restart?

Should this happen again could you please run an MTR tool to test your network connection to us and then send us over the results, that would help us to determine where this issue is here.