Internet Radio DJs Wanted - Station PRS Registered!

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Are You Interested in presenting your own Radio Show?

Do you want to Present your own show from the comfort of your own home?

We are looking for DJ's to present permanent time slots on our station. We currently have a wide variety of time slots available.

All work is Voluntary and is unpaid. This may change in the future as we get more listeners and ad revenue.

We are a UK radio station but have listeners from all around the world.

DJ's must be able to chat on air and not just play music.

We are PRS registered and submit performance royalty records every quarter so you free to play both unsigned AND commercial music.

Guaranteed Listeners
- Our own Website
- Our radio player is available on many websites worldwide
- Mobile Phones
- Twitter
- Facebook

Software required to stream and jingles will be provided free of charge. Microphones must be provided by yourself.

Are you Interested in this great oppotunity, do you want to know more?? Then please get in touch a.s.a.p

I have attached our listener stats and website stats for last month to show you that our station is quite popular.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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