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    Do you deal with the Radio rebroadcasting equipment and necessary software.
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    Depends what system your on pc or mac ? if you using pc try winamp and shoutcast dsp if you are using a mac then nicecast im told is a good one.

    First you will need to setup a server ! I can recomend shoutcast (it's what i use)

    Equipment ? depends what you want to broadcast ? external setup (cdj's - turntables - mixer) if you are not club mixing and just playing normal audio tracks you could do this through winamp !

    If you are after something more professional try sam broadcaster ( also has built in encoder - so no need for the extra software.

    I will post some links for you to look at !
    Winamp Media Player - MP3, Multimedia, and Music Player

    Download SHOUTcast Radio Tools

    SpacialAudio Solutions, LLC - SAM Broadcaster - Internet Radio Automation Software

    Apple - Downloads - Audio - Nicecast (mac user only)

    Hope this helps out
    Rollinradio - RollinRadio
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    Thanks for helping out rollinradio :) You are spot on in your response 8)
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    Hello I happen to deal with the radio broadcasting soft ware and the software that we use is Virtual DJ. and we use a server to keep count of the listeners. i am not too sure if this question is to me or to somebody else. :)

    have a nice weekend.
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    Thank you.It really helps.

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