Internet Radio going for a song!


Thanks for dropping me after reading the rather unusual headline - however, it is true!

If you're one of these people offering a syndicated programme, or want to play on the radio as a DJ, this advert isn't for you...!

I set this station up back in 2015 after XFM closed down, with the hope for bigger and better things.

However, these have not panned out, although the brand has proven to be relatively successful, the situation has arisen where I can get too many Indians but not enough chiefs - i.e. admins, management, etc.

So, the time has come to do something. I'm either looking for someone(s) to take over the operation entirely, or to join me in re-launching the service. We are self-hosted, so am able to offer this free of charge, we also have our own customisable apps, and are featured in the Tune-In Directory.

All that is asked is that you keep the station's original objective in mind and active. It was originally setup to be a sort of mixture between the Xfm in London 97-98, B.B.C. Radio 6Music,and The John Peel programme from Radio One.

The station has already been through about three different managements, and has come back to its founder for either closure, ot carrying on, as appropriate.

If you are interested, please contact me in the first instance via

Thanks for your time.