Internet Radio Show Looking for Presenters


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Hi there,

I would like to post this advertisement to see if there is any interest out there.

So basically the point is: I am creating a brand new chart show and am currently looking for co-presenters. We have 2 presenters so far but we are looking for more. There will be 2 main presenters and a few other sub/stand-in, although this is subject to change as it may turn to a rotationary basis.

We are looking for presenters, aged 16-20 who are relatively new to broadcasting (less than 5 years exp). The reason is - we wish to develop people as presenters and giving a chance to younger, inexperienced people to be part of a new show will boost their confidence and hopefully will also improve them as a presenter.

If you fit into this category and are interested, then please contact me via PM or email me at hct1802[at]googlemail[dot]com.

Looking forward from hearing from you and thanks for your time. By the way this show will be generic, prerecorded and will possibly be used on more than 1 station.