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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Stevy6, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    So you wanna be a DJ? Apply here!!!!
    I'm a DJ on and we are always on the lookout for Talented Presenters (Male or Female) to join our amazing team.
    We offer more interaction than any other station on the forums via our Webplayer / Windows7 Gadget / Ingame Plugin, Discord and our Request page on our website.

    Please check our Schedule for available DJ Slots before applying, if your preferred slot is filled, still apply and please note it in your application a slot you would like, as we may be able to accommodate.

    If you wish to apply to join our Presenting Team, please fill in the application form making sure you meet the requirements below;

    - We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years
    - A substantial music library is necessary as DJs & Presenters manage their own shows/music
    - Adequate headset/microphone
    - Experience with the broadcasting software of your choice.
    - Your software can broadcast in ICECAST2 or SHOUTCAST in MP3 format
    - You need to have Discord (linked on our website)
    - What is your internet speed?
    - Minimum Schedule Commitment of 2 hrs a week
    - Provide an audio voice clip (this may help

    Application Form:

    Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as you can to ensure a swift response.

    Thanks & Good Luck!
    Hive365 Team
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  2. Demo

    Demo Active Member

    That is 100% correct. If you do like to interact with our listeners (On The Fly via our Custom Dashboard) then Hive365 is the station for you.
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  3. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

  4. Mike B

    Mike B New Member

    Attention Hive365 management, I filled out an application lastweek to become a dj or as those of you in the UK call it, (presenter), on Hive365. I've installed the Discord software, however, I'm not familiar with how it works, as I've never used it before. How do I setup the program to chat? If its convenient for you, I'll be available to chat either this afternoon at 4:pm U.S. time, which would be 9:pm in the UK, or on Saturday afternoon at 4:pm U.S. time, 9:p.m UK time. I also sent you an email earlier this week, but I'm not sure if you received it. You can reach me via my email address,
    Hope to hear from you soon.
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  5. Demo

    Demo Active Member

    Hi Mike,
    Email sent :)
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  6. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Still some daytime slots and through the nights (ideal for U.S. based presenters) get in touch you know you want to.
  7. Demo

    Demo Active Member

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  8. Legal Crime

    Legal Crime New Member

    Dose this job PAY, if not then why fill out a "The Application" like a Deejay about to get paid. This is all about FUN and giving listeners great music LOL.. Fill out a application :) not unless we getting paid.
  9. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Legal crime we have an application form so we don’t get underage presenters! Presenters who fit the station, presenters who can use a mic, work the software and have a personality and can interact with our audience.

    This is a volunteer section of the forum? If you want to get paid best of luck, go fill out in the Paid presenters section! Oh you can’t there isn’t one?
  10. Robbie Mack

    Robbie Mack New Member

    What kind of music does your station play? I see a wide variety in the top 40. I'm a hard rock/metal guy - I'd love to fill out an application but I don't know enough about nor have any interest in pop/dance/rap etc.

    I am in the US and have very flexibile availability.

    Please advise! Thank you.
  11. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Hi Robbie,

    We play a wide range of genres, as you can see from the top 40, but the show content and style and music is up to you. We do have a wide age range of listeners who can request song too, generally you play a song and they request similar tracks too. If you don’t have it don’t worry, it’s your show remember.

    Fill it in, what’s the worst that can happen!

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