is there a presenter out there

Our station is called no barriers and has been going for for 4yrs. This october 2 of the trustees walked after a disagreement on how things were being run.
I came in on oct 17th after being asked by the founder to try and sort things out,. We are having a new web site commisioned and would hopefully
have this up within the next month. The station has been beset by problems since moving to new premises in welwyn. first the council,, then delays
with getting studio equipment up and running so thats where we are. i would hope that covid permitting the end of the road is in site
We are almost there in terms of presenters OH one last thing with a total revamp on everything we may change the name of the station as the music
is going to be much much more across the board rather than say a solid hip hop or solid rock we are aiming at the diverse 35 to 75 age group.
THE past management was very entranched with a particular concept in music, I hope the above clears up your questions but feel free to
email me on if you woould like further infor
Mayi just correct you We do have a radio station please type up no You will find a newspaper story from a couple of years back
I would remind you that the country 80% is under covid restriction and to have got where we are so far, is not to bad by my reckonning.
When i came in thngs were at mess .. The situation has improved a 100% not because of me but the people on the station pulling together
.No more is there snide remarks/ no more people storming off, When i have picked up leads and had interviews with presenters i have
explained the situation so no one is in the dark as to where we are going and every one knows the situation there is no more factions
no more people on an ego trip..If people ask me a qustion i give an honest awnser.
Again as i wrote in awnser to your first email you can allways email me or even better give me a call , you will find me going to google
look up, my direct line 0208 906 4013 i sometimes find that even if people cannot meet face to face they can call/telephone.
please come back /phone if you have any queries
john austin.
Yes it is an internet station it was an internet station in the past And will continue uptil such times as we can go digital .You write in a tone that suggests you are talking to a child, i included the info on the londonboatparties to show that i am not some kid with a dream, ,out ofcuriosity who are you and for that matter what do you do for a living i presume you do have a job? I also point out that to getstudio techs to come in /web companies to redo sites they need to come
on site to do location visits Had you taken that into account before you sent this.
YOU wanted i presume more info on the radio station this i suplied, Will presume you thought it was sme kind of scam( a time waster) i assure you that is not the case.
This for me is a new venture and i will take advice as far as i am aware anyone of the kind folk who replied did not think it looked desperate or spammy.
Thank you for wishing us good luck i will accept it in the hope you are not being sarcastic, just one last thing what are dead threads?
Sorry , but i repeat again, have you a daytime job or do you fill your hours writing snotty emails, The more i look at the email you sent, the more i think
it sounds/looks incredibly arrogant you have my email address i will look forward to the continuance of this conversation
john austin