Is There an Organization for Online Radio Stations? This is a Question for All Here....

Hi everyone,

I've been doing my radio show "Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution" for about 20 years now, and been running SpiritPlants Radio since 2003. Other DJs on my station come and go, and it is certainly fun to work with them. But I have a bigger thought in mind to share with all of you here.

There are tons of people on these forums just like me who run their own radio stations. My question is: has anyone tried to create an organization from all these stations and people? Something where we share resources, and information, and help each other out to grow our audiences and make better radio? These forums are totally great for what they do, but it still seems like everyone is for himself in a way. I wonder if more of a "we" could be created.

If there is something like this, please let me know, on this thread, or write to the email below. If not, let's talk about this, see if it could work! Thanks!

SpiritPlants Radio