Issue Connecting w/ Mixx

New user trying to get up and running!
I am having an issue connecting to the Icecast2 server with the proper credentials and directions from the Mixxx guide on the forum.
I have tried everything and am still unable to connect (even tried substituting /mount for live with no luck).
All of the details I have entered are definitely correct - any ideas?

I have used another company previously using Mixxx and Shoutcast and had no problems.

Any help is appreciated as I am running a trial to see if I want to continue using the service.



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Try source as user and make sure if you Copy / Paste the password you have a tight copy.
I have seen so many try to Copy / Paste passwords but have not gone tight with the password so creates a space so can't connect.
Hi Demo,

Thanks for your replies. I have tried every combination of everything to get Mixxx to connect. I've used other Centrova panels before with Mixxx without a problem.
The odd issue here is when I go to my admin panel in Centrova I am directed to a Shoutcast admin page and not the Icecast page which my trial account is setup for. I am guessing this is the issue as everything looks perfect on my end of things.
Just waiting to hear from the admins for their input now.

Thanks again for your help mate. Truly appreciated!


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Hi dylanfree,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having some problems with this. We can see that an old Shoutcast server that was previously on your port number wasn't killed properly after the account was deleted.

What I've done for you anyway is delete your Icecast account and I've manually recreated it as a Shoutcast account instead (as per your email request). Please see my email reply for the new server details.