J-Man Radio - Weekday Morning Show Host Wanted and Needed

Jordan Adler

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J-Man Radio is looking for the best committed volunteer on air radio dj's for a 3 to 4 hour weekday morning show slot for mon-fri ,the requirements are as follows 1. they would have to do 3-4 hour weekday show 2. play variety of music with fast pace music if possible 3. do talk segments including celebrity news 4. Chat in the chat room if listeners are in there if not mention the call in number for requests if it’s a live show if it’s voiced tracked they would have to get the request songs ahead of time! If you think you could succeed with those requirements ,please apply via email or reply to this post, thank you, you can check out the website https://www.myjmanradio.com to get a feel of the station!

if interested please apply at jmanradio.az@gmail.com
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