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i looking for a DJ's for my station i have several slots open for you to look at, i am very easy to work for and like to get a DJ for the station for me. i would like you do 3 hour shows for the station for me, i think you would like my station and enjoy your music at the same time; Judith
hello is there any one out here would like to dj for my station i would even let you two hours on your show, i prevead 3 hours shows on the station and i have a lot of slots open as well. i will be onair today at 3:00 central time today come in and put application in fill it out well be happy to talk with you and my skype is judithhagan2878 as well. JNDRadio,Com
bill i went to skype and seen you there so come back and i will talk to you. let me know what time you be there so i can talk to you also. what kind of music do you play on station and let me know more about you okay!! judith

Billy Camino

New Member
I'll be delighted, Judith. I'll try 2:00 CST today. Hope you received my email... it includes my Introductory Cover Letter, and, my website address. Either way, I'll inform you of everything, during Skype. Blessings.