Join our amazing team

We are an up an coming young station that has already been voted by internet radio for 3 months in a row as one of the top stations..We are looking for Dj`s that would love to join our Radio family and just share there love for check out our site. Full variety!!! Grow with us and be part of our radio family...We have loads of experience..
Hi bulldogs rock can you link to the vote where you have been voted one of the top stations please?
Of course we can... We did not win...obviously...And one of the reasons was that I felt we were not a full on dutch station, but the fact that we were nominated...That counts. I can also give you the Internet Radio screen shots for when we were in the top twenty if you like.
No worries . Great work, what’s your listener numbers like?
At the moment it is not as much as we would like..We had many listeners, but as we got new DJ`s we lost was almost like the preferred the Auto DJ, but I am hoping that with getting new DJ`s we will build again. DJ´s play what they like and maybe not all likes, but i do believe that we will build up again.