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Do you live and breathe music? You may be in luck! We are looking for several people who are passionate about music and artists and would love to become apart of the industry. We have several roles that are opening up in our licensed online internet radio station.

These roles include but are not limited to:
Broadcaster/DJ - Open
This role will be directly apart of the station. You will be broadcasting music through the station while taking on listener requests, talking to the listeners from time to time, and ensuring the best quality gets outputted from your stream.

- A functioning microphone.
- A charismatic personality.
- Decent internet to broadcast.
- At least 16 years of age.

Back-end Developer - Open
Looking for talented developers who may be interested in becoming a part of a unique project to help build custom work.

- Must know proper Linux commands and server setups.
- Must know either PHP/Python.
- Has experience/previous projects to show.

We are licensed!
This means we are legal to broadcast, and that we report to the proper foundations in place so you can play virtually any song without being hassled! By complying with the proper laws, we are ensuring that the creators of the music being broadcasted are fairly compensated and continue to create the music that makes our station what it is. We pay all royalties to the proper rights owner of the songs.

Our Genre:
We mostly play Pop music (an abbreviation of popular). With this, some songs come from the Top 40 radio charts of the USA, UK, & Canada. As such, our music genre consists of pop, hip hop, rap, rnb, soul, grime, electronic dance music (edm) such as dubstep, drum and bass and uk garage. However, we will be playing a variety of music from different generations which include the 80s, 90,s 2000s, and 2010s.

To learn more or to apply:
Skype: PardyCo

Or simply reply below
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We see so many like this, no content, need DJ's and some one to code the site for them.
But! this is a new one for me.
Join The #1 Online Internet Radio Station
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