KFLY Radio 70s 80s and BEYOND!

KFLY Radio is simply the BEST radio station in the planet! :D Twice we've gone PRIVATE ACCESS and this will be the third time we've gone PUBLIC ACCESS! With HUGE song-lists, zero commercials and DJs who actually LOVE LOVE LOVE music. You can hear mostly music from the 70s/80s but also tunes from the 40s/50s/60s/90s and current as well here, retro news/ads not for marketing's sake but because they're sentimentally ADORABLE! We even play a classical, jazz, country song here and there and always play what others NEVER PLAY! IF YOU WANT A CRAPPY STATION -- THIS AIN’T IT!
The SKY'S THE LIMIT for these wings at KFLY! Every song was a HIT and sometimes you might hear something that was NEVER A HIT but should have been!
The diversity is awesome!
So come fly with us for DAYS AND DAYS of fabulous music without annoying repetition and -- MOST IMPORTANTLY -- NOT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL EVER!!!

KFLY RADIO is based in Los Angeles & Toronto and remotely operated using TeamViewer software enabling DJs and programmers to be free to roam about the world without constraints.

Your primary DJs "Buttercup" and "SugarFall" are avid lovers of most music genres and welcome any requests via email or TUNE IN live comment-tab.

As an ENTIRELY UNSPONSORED independent entity, we play what we want for ourselves and if others enjoy it -- great!