Latency using Sam Broadcaster

Hi, I use Sam Broadcaster Pro and can automate shows with no problem, However I would like to also do live shows. Does anyone know how to resolve a latency issue I am experiencing with the talk option in SAM Broadcaster. While listening to my input feed (before it is streamed) I hear my vocal about half a second after I have spoken. It is impossible to do a live show this way.
My setup has Sam Broadcaster installed on a Win 10 PC, I am connected to the internet streaming directly to the encoders.
I have a microphone connected to the microphone in on the PC which seems to work as I am Able to hear myself over Sam B, like I said earlier the problem is I hear myself .5 of a second after the each word I speak.

If anyone can help me resolve this, please share.

Thank You.


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Hi Cary Brown,

That kind of latency would usually be caused by your sound card. I have no idea if you are using the onboard sound card that came with your PC or an external one but such a problem can be resolved by reducing the sound cards buffer size.

I don't have a copy of Sam Broadcaster at hand to check and it's been a while since I last used it, but there should also be some latency settings / mic settings where you can adjust this to resolve the issue.
Yes you are correct I am currently using the on board sound card that comes with the PC, My thought was I need an external audio controller that has more control, Hoping this will allow adjust the buffering, latency etc. I have seen what I want but cannot purchase due to the current stay at home policy.

If I need to move away from SAM Broadcaster any recommendations on broadcasting software?

Thank You.


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The problem may be in your SAM configuration settings. I'm using SAM PRO v4.9.8 on a WIN 7 machine, Using a USB mic with head set connected directly to the sound out jacks. Using the computer on-board Sound. My set up may not be viable for win 10 . I/ve attached a shot of my voice FX settings wihch may help you. Good luck



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You never mentioned what processing you are using. This could also be an issue, for example Breakaway creates a 1 second delay