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The DJ Joe D Show returns live once again tomorrow...February 20 at 10AM Eastern Time on The Glow Radio: The Glow Radio (

We have a special treat for you all; tomorrow's show is the first of many special theme shows we will have throughout the year.

For tomorrow's show, we have expanded our weekly and popular Novelty Song of the Week feature into a full 2 hours of nothing but All Novelty Songs. This show will bring back lots of good memories, have lots of surprises as well as putting a smile on your face!

We went right to the back of the DJ Joe D vaults to find many of these one of a kind songs. Many you've heard many times before but we also came across some obscure songs to include.

You will hear close to 30+ novelty songs tomorrow including classics from Ray Stevens, Dickie Goodman and Randy Newman amongst many others! It is a real cool mix of songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, the decades where the popularity of the Novelty song was huge!

We will also be paying special tribute to Weird Al Yankovic, known to many as the ultimate Novelty Song artist!

Listen for our regular features, the Springsteen Minute, the Sunday Morning Sports Report and the Canadian Content Song of the week with many of these sticking to the Novelty song theme!

So tune in for The DJ Joe D Show, live tomorrow, February 20, 2011, at 10AM Eastern Time and each and every Sunday morning on The Glow Radio:

The Glow Radio (
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