Listen Tomorrow (Sunday April 24)--The DJ Joe D Show-10AM Eastern-On The Glow Radio!

DJ Joe D

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There is no better way to spend your Sunday than listening to the world famous DJ Joe D Show, tomorrow, Sunday April 24, 2011, starting at 10AM Eastern on The Glow Radio--it keeps you out of trouble:
Choose your media player on the intro screen (Tune In Here) and then sit back and listen

Great news...if you are up even earlier on Sundays, starting at 8AM Eastern, we play back, in it's entirety, the previous week's DJ Joe D Show just before we go live starting at 10AM

Whether you have us on in the background at home, listen to us at the office or through your car radio via your mobile device...tomorrow's DJ Joe D Show should not be missed!

Remember the live show is 2 hours in length each week--so much more to listen to! As usual lots of music, talk, sports, information, regular features and special features

So make The Glow Radio your Sunday destination each week and catch The DJ Joe D Show! Live Show at 10AM Eastern; Playback Show 8AM Eastern

We want to hear from you to!

Dedications, requests, feedback or get yourself heard, you can go to my bio page on The Glow Radio website ( and click on the "DJ Bio" link at the top of the page.

Find the DJ Joe D bio page and click for all the feedback processes and links!

Thank you !;)8):D