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Hi, I have been testing my account and have noticed a possible issue. I am the only one that know the link to a test page I have set-up on my site. I have connected to this page and it then registers as it should on current listeners. However, when I disconnect the control panel holds on to the count even though there is no-one connected. I have proved this through IP address. This worries me as if I pay for bandwidth used it would appear that this is still being classed as connected people when there are clearly not. I am not new to this as have been broadcasting with another supplier(same control panel) for a number of years. Could you please explain why this is happening.



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The listener count displayed in the control panel after the source had been disconnected from the server wont affect your bandwidth balance. The bandwidth balance is calculated directly from the servers log files. The listener number is a control panel "feature" that should be fixed in the next release of the control panel.

Let us know if you have any further questions :)


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Interesting question

Hi there I have seen your Question, There must be a lag in the network it is known as a delay. and yes I have seen this before on my end also. What happens is, is really simple there must be a delay in the network or what ever network you are with. Are you Activating or deactivating the Server when this happens?

With the internet server it only takes a minute for the Green bar to go grey. which means 0 Listeners. What you can do is. Stop the Server for about 30 seconds or less. then you start the server. hope this has been a help.

PS: Do Check your network plugs Just to make sure that they are 100% Secure.