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Luke aka DJ UGZ
If it is a good fit, I would love to have your station run my show. What is your format? Also, as I work as a DJ at a commercial network, and my show is syndicated to a few other commercial stations, where are you located (or are you internet-only)? I just need to make sure that non-compete agreements are not violated.

The show is either a top 20 or top 40 countdown that is delivered in MP3 files via FTP each week. The top 40 show allows for 6 minutes of local advertisement/content each hour. The top 20 is a little different as it is geared more towards non-commercial / internet stations. The length varies a little from week to week on the 20 version. If you were to sign the show (either version), you would also receive station specific segment opens and closes to give the show a more local feel.

A 2 minute promo of a segment of my latest show is available here:

An air check of my morning show on the station I work at each day (not the show that is syndicated) is also available here:
if you would like to view it.