Lone Frequencies - A Show Looking For A New Home


Lone Frequencies is a weekly pre-recorded podcast/internet radio show committed to bringing the listener all the best music that they might not have heard YET. We play independent/unsigned/grass roots/DIY/up & coming bands and artists in an effort to further expose them as they travel on their musical journey up the ladder hopefully towards fame and fortune!

Where we differ from other new music shows is that we are genreless and we discuss every single track that we play on the show. We never play back-to-back tracks, so the artists never find their music has gotten lost in the shuffle.

The show was initially broadcast on the now defunct Ignition Radio. After that station closed it's doors last year, we decided to release new episodes weekly via MixCloud. After steadily building our cult following over the last year, and having recently celebrated our 50th epsisode, we have decided that the time is now right to take the show back to the airwaves again!

Some links to recent episodes and our social media:


If you're a station looking for new content and you like what you hear, you can hit us up at lonefrequencies@gmail.com