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Cambrian radio are looking primarily for UK daytime presenters, though many other timeslots available including weekday evening and overnight for this up and coming station. Although online for less than two years the station is well ahead of where it was expected to be at this stage, streaming at 320k 24/7/365 the quality of the stream output speaks for itself.

The station is available on many platforms with new ones being added to help gain maximum exposure for our presenters and our online presence, also having our own PWA (Progressive Web App) to enhance our portability and access via today's mobile "on the go" lifestyle.

We have slots available for the right presenters who see this as the hobby it is, a fun and happy place to play, use of station branding, social media and interactive facilities including live textline, direct messaging via studio branded e-mail and dedicated VIP interactive lounge (chatroom) available.

We would be interested to get a feel for what you can bring to our station as we are looking for those who feel they have something to offer us and have passion and energy to develop their slots to attract their own audience, which in turn compliments our current listeners. Specialist and general music shows considered, we are a music based station so talk based shows are not something we would consider.

Think you have got what it takes? e-mail our recruitment team at info@cambrianradio.co.uk.

A demo is always welcome and can speed up any offer of a slot.

Come and join the Happy Station, be a part of the Cambrian Crew.

website:- www.cambrianradio.co.uk
listen:- play.cambrianradio.co.uk

Cambrian Radio

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As we celebrate two years in the making on 6th October 2020, we have had a great reponse here, but still have many daytime slots available for the right presenters still looking for an opportunity, looking for 70's, 80's and 90's shows to compliment our output. Demos to info@cambrianradio.co.uk
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