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Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Kimberley summers, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Kimberley summers

    Kimberley summers New Member

    Hi I am a former DJ/radio presenter for rainbow sounds rainbow mix radio and flylo FM, I relocated home ,and am looking for a new position as a DJ radio presenter,could anybody help.
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  2. Nightrider

    Nightrider Member

    Rockin' Round The Clock Radio,@ http://www.rockinroundtheclockradio.com/ we are presently looking for DJ's for an internet radio.
    No experience needed we will train. Only requirements is PC with Windows 7 and better, head set with microphone.
    Classic Rock/ Rock , Country, R & B Oldies.
    This is not a paid gig. We are a non-profit station. Please Skype DJ Rock @ therock201399 or My E-Mail rockinrichie@cox.net ty. If you have the Love of Music, and People come and have some FUN with us.
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  3. Dilligafradio

    Dilligafradio Member

    Voluntary DJ/Presenters needed - no experience needed
    Male/Female from around the world we have Morning, Afternoon Evening Slots Available

    Dilligaf Radio is an online radio station with a chat room and Facebook.

    No experience is needed, only a love of music and the ability to chat in the chatroom
    We will help to set up your broadcaster, and with posts to be used on various social networks to enhance your listeners.

    Feel free to visit our website at Home - http://www.dilligafradio.net/chat3a.html

    Why not drop by and have a chat in the room or listen to the DJ's via the website.

    you need to add me to skype as weell u can apply to dj there to matt.luck7

    Currently looking for DJs/presenters . DJ apps – Get in touch with our owner
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  4. John C McQuaid

    John C McQuaid New Member

    Hi there
    I am setting up a new Internet Radio station that will be based in the Longbridge Area of Birmingham

    What you do would be ideal and what I would be looking for on my station
    I am not looking for station based DJ's (Unless you want to)
    Would this be a problem !
    Would you be interested in joining in

    Do you have any words of advise for me

    Please email me directly st jcmcquaid@hotmail.co.uk

    John McQuaid
  5. Naja Studio B

    Naja Studio B New Member

    Hello Kimberley, did you find a radio station yet? if not please check us out at www.najastudiob.com. I am Lloyd McDonald the owner of Naja radio
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