Looking for DJ's


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Tired of all the cookie cutter internet radio stations?

Real Vision Radio will be setting the REAL standard in internet radio. No more DJ Auto. No more 5 station DJ's. No more 15 listeners. The owners have been in the radio business for 6 years and have finally decided to start their own station.

What kind of DJ's are we looking for you might ask?



Simple as that.
Doesn't matter what music you play. As long as you bring personality and determination and time that's all that matters.

If you think you fit the mold .... Email jay.twisted@hotmail.com

Station will be up soon so come aboard as slots will fill VERY QUICKLY


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I see alot of views but no responses .... Don't be that one that passes on an opportunity to soar

Site is being compiled as we speak

DJ's are hopin on board

Listeners are in anticipation for the opening

Don't miss out