Looking for podcasts/shows for new Punk Station

Hello all

My name is Drew and i am the Station Manager for a new internet radio station PunkRat FM.
Our music focus is Punk Rock, Punk Pop, Punk Ska and Celtic Punk.

I am looking for shows / podcasts that fit the genre to host on our station
I will add your show to our programs list which will include your own page and also a slider banner image on the front page.

If you are interested in broadcasting your show or podcast on PunkRat FM, Please get in contact.

Hey Drew, no cast or show, but just finishing up a PUNKTRY CD - Country Punk, LOL. It's sounding quite cool & heavy. Just getting mastered now and once it's ready we will have a media page set up and I can get you a download if ya can get us some airplay we'd dig being on your station. You can contact me at www.jeffreydavid.ca , my other band site :) But I will check in here when I can... Thx, JD