Looking for Singapore Podcast / Syndicated Show / DJ

Jude Connors

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I'm looking to localize a bit with my internet radio station that is based out of Singapore.

XRadio is an online radio station with an average listenership of around 25,000 listeners per month, with the majority of the listeners and DJs from the online community, Second Life. Singapore is our fifth-ranked nation in listener numbers, with none coming from the online Second Life community.

Individual sets/shows are controlled by the DJs performing and are not beholden to any type of station-wide playlist or rotation schedule. Experimentation, spontaneity and humor are among XRadio‘s most frequently noted distinguishing traits. The station does not belong to any existing internet radio network, and most of its programming originates with volunteers.

When a live DJ isn’t on air, XRadio will broadcast with DJX – an automated DJ. Auto DJ programming includes mostly English-language rock, rap, rave, and remixes, although K-Pop and other languages are played occasionally.

XRadio has servers based in Singapore and is looking to localize more with our "local" community by adding podcasts and/or Live DJs to regular sets/shows to our regular schedule. We would prefer a podcast, syndicated show or Live DJ to be active in the Singapore community with some sort of regular interaction, local Singapore news and views, etc.

This is purely a volunteer position, and the talent will be required to follow the simple standard operating procedures and rules of the station. They can be viewed here.

Join the growing XRadio community radio network and get your voice out there!
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