Looking for stations for my radio shows. John Godfrey's Troubadour Show & Alt Country Ain't Dead Yet.

Radio Troubadour

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I’m wondering if any stations would be interested in either of my two shows. I’m based in Scotland and produce and present both shows.
‘John Godfrey’s Troubadour Show’ & ‘Alt Country. Ain’t Dead Yet’.

'John Godfrey's Troubadour Show' is a weekly two hour show playing an eclectic mix of Alt Country, Americana, Country, Folk, Roots and Singer Songwriters. The show at present is a high quality MP3 file but I can look at supplying it in segments if need be. Most of the tracks on the show are from new and forthcoming albums with a few old favourites thrown in. The show has a laid back vibe to it and has a distinct sound and has built up a cult following.
Testimonials -
"Steinbeck's 'Grapes Of Wrath' set to music."
Gabriel Brox, Singer Songwriter, UK

"In a perfect world I'd have '72 Olds 442 to work on in the garage while listening to The Troubadour Show" Factory Fast Records, NYC, USA.

"Seriously folks, if you're not listening to this show, then you're missing out on some outstanding music. Every week I discover someone new via John Godfrey.The best internet radio show around... hell might be the best radio show, period... tune in..." Jud Block, Singer Songwriter. Texas, USA.

"It was like listening to a time warp transistor radio in the ghost of a route 66 diner - middle America." Jay Souza, Patrolled By Radar. California, USA.

My other show 'Alt Country. Ain't Dead Yet' is weekly one hour show playing new and classic Alternative Country music. Again the show is one file (MP3) but again I can split it if need be. It’s got a different sound and vibe to JGTS. The show has a more Alt Country, Rock sound. I play new artists as well as classic artists such as Slobberbone, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, Wilco etc.

You can hear both shows and view playlists of previous shows etc on my website
www.radiotroubadour.com & www.mixcloud.com/radio-troubadour
Both shows end with an instrumental track every week to fade out.
If you are interested or have any questions please contact me, email John@radiotroubadour.com or via this forum.

I appreciate your time.
John Godfrey.