Looking for VT'ers


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If anyone is interested in VT'ing a show on 93-7 The X shoot me a demo at 937thex@gmail.com
Currently using RadioDJ for automation.

Take a listen to the station to see if it's up your alley as well. 937thex.wixsite.com/home
Your station sounds good. The overall sound is consistent. I like the pro-imaging, too. And that you're doing a format that needs to be VT. So many DB outlets resort to community radio-styled block programming, so going against that usual DB programming, is cool. So many that do a format, shun presenters or VT and just play the music dry.

And you have nice station logo, as well. It seems you got a graphic artist to create it. So many DB outlets use free graphics and typefaces, so that's a nice pro touch, getting a logo drawn up. A modern, well-designed website makes the difference in my wanting to listen.

When did you go on the air? I see there's no active-alternative station in Knoxville. Are you filling a void for a station that once played that format and flipped? What made you to decide to create a faux frequency for the station? You will also be on a LPFM, soon? Will you have Google Play or Android app to make listening easier?

All in all, you're off to a great start. Best of luck in your growth.