Looking to expand my Soul Sundae Show.


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Hi I have been podcasting for the past 12 months, having previously been doing live gigs. i have been involved with Radio for many years in one way or another, my Soul Sundae show has a following but i would like to try and enhance this as i believe there is still a lot of life in the old Dog. I play Funk and Soul but not the Heavily commercialised stuff IE the stuff you hear every day. Part of the show is also given over to Motown and Northern soul my other passion, they work well together and i regularly get feedback from Listeners to this end. Its a podcast because due to other commitments its hard to determine exactly what time the show is recorded so live would be a struggle.

If there is anyone looking for recorded content and willing to take a listen or at least have a chat link to shows Below

Very very interested in the motown concept. We have a 1hr space on monday night starting middle of march. Can we chat more on tthis/
Can you do a showcd for us to hear/We are currenly in production for a motown series. The show will go out on mondays and repeated
on the weekend.Looking forward to hearing from you.