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Club Lux aims to recreate an authentic club experience 100% online. Through the use of our multiple licensed radios and our own Discord server we can bring people from across the world into a online space to talk, play games, enjoy music, interact with our DJs and so much more. Our server currently is sitting at almost 1,000 members (960 at time of writing). This is a prime community for our DJs to take advantage of when gaining listeners. In addition we run parties in various online games/communities to further increase exposure for our DJs.

**We have a Global Broadcasting License through our station provider, ensuring legal compliance for all music played through our stations.**

Benefits of being a Lux DJ/Presenter

  • Access to a stockpile of 3,000 correct MetaTag'ed music to jump start your library.
  • Knowledgeable technical/radio staff to help fix technical problems. (Centova, Boombox, SAM Broadcaster and Mixxx)
  • Ease of mind with our Global Broadcasting License
  • Stable community with business experience at the top
  • Can earn money with our own DJ merchandise (Production currently offline due to COVID-19)
Expectations of being a Lux DJ/Presenter
  • Pick your own time slots, but make sure you start on time. (Shows are typically evening hours in CST/EST)
  • Play whatever genre you wish, but we do have a bigger need for Hip-Hop, EDM, House and/or Pop (We are well stocked in Rock)
  • Represent our organization professionally in all aspects
  • Must have Discord downloaded on computer (phone is nice too). This is a free application and the only way we communicate as an organization. This is also where are 1,000 member community is at.
  • Above average mic, stable internet connection and extroverted attitude.

Check out our website here
Check out our Discord server here

If you have any questions, or want to join our Lux family feel free to email me at