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Hi all!
Yes we at MaxDance are on the recruitment path again, we are looking to expand our Presenter/DJ base and this leads us to ask you if you would like to do a show on MaxDance!

MaxDance is growing at a speed that we did not expect, we have a solid listener base with many listeners becoming addicted and returning for more, and some celebrity friends who support us and record companies who like the way we do things, we are known for our quality music that covers a wide angle of the dance music genre and we have plans to stay broadcasting long term and expand into other formats of broadcasting (other than just internet), so if you would like to be part of it all get in contact!

We are able to cater for live shows or pre-recorded (we prefer pre-recorded as we can repeat show later) must be in 320kbps and must be weekly shows, we do not tolerate missing shows, missing shows (not sending them in) is something we take seriously and if this is done on a regular basis we will terminate the show, you may think this is strong but it is because of this we are known for fresh new content and we will not drop our standard for anyone!

Apply: recruitment (at), message us on here or go to our website MaxDance - Your Number One Choice For The Best In Dance Music! More Music More Of The Time... Live 24/7 Non-Stop! Dance, Pop, Trance, Electro, Techno, House... and contact us from there!

Juan J Arroyo

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Thank you to all who emailed or applied via our website!

Will sort and respond to all soon, sorry for delay!

If you are still interested in doing a show on our station, get in contact with us!! Never too late and we are always looking for the best talent and freshest talent around!

Juan @MaxDance

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Had loads of new DJ's contact us and we are now sorting them out, if we have not been in contact we will do soon!

Thank you for contacting us those who have, glad you have decided to be a part of what we think will be a unique opportunity to join what we believe is the only radio station in the UK to play a REAL selection of dance music, we are growing and we have big plans!

Of course we are always looking for the hottest professional DJ's and Presenters and hottest new talent, so if you are a pro club DJ looking to get air play on the radio or even just stating out we're here to help you so get in contact with us! Maybe you can help us in other areas? If so get in contact also! Be a part of something big, be a part of Maxdance!

Our Website:
:: maxdance :: you're number one choice for the best in dance music live 24/7 non-stop! Dance, Pop, Trance, Electro, Techno, House...

Juan J Arroyo
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Hey all!
I have to say a big thank you for all who have emailed us, last of the current bunch of added shows starting next weekend, we will take a little breather while we settle down with the new shows..

BUT don't worry we are still looking so get in touch with us if you would be interested in Presenting a show or to become a DJ at MaxDance.

Our reputation for quality dance music that is a true mix of the genre (unlike many UK based radio stations) is pushing us up all the time, we have big plans with our website for the near future.. but i will not reveal here and i will not comment on rumours as to what our plans are, you'll just have to stay tuned guys (and gals), we promise we will reveal all in due course!

Back on topic, as we said... send us am email if you would like to join our team, we save all emails so you will receive a reply as soon as we add more shows to our line-up!

Thanks for all the support guys (and gals) without you it would not be possible (or worth it)!!