Minutes to Midnight - Love Field [Rock] (2019) Official Music Video - JFK Assassination


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Premiered on The Indie Buddie

"After 1989: A Trip To Freedom" is a concept album about imprisonment and liberty. Out now: https://after1989.minutestomidnight.co.uk/

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s time to tell the tale of how a young man managed to escape Germany in 1945, while his nephew made the other way round in 1991, looking for answers that he could only find in 2017.


Warm weather and cheering crowds greet the President when he lands at Dallas airport. As the motorcade cuts through the city, I fantasise about waving at Jack and Jackie, or leaning over the window of a sixth floor, or being Abraham Zapruder, standing still while everything changes.


Dan Ecclestone / vocals Paolo Clementi / guitars, viola
Simone Silvestroni / bass, piano, synth, strings, drums, sound effects


Written and produced by Simone Silvestroni of Minutes to Midnight
Mastered by Ian Shepherd
Management by Christopher Carvalho / Unlock Your Sound Ltd (https://unlockyoursound.com)
Video by Silvia Maggi (https://silviamaggiphotography.com)